Frequently Asked Questions

You simply go to the page of the member that introduced you and click on the “Signup Now” button.
You can’t send a download as a gift, but you can send a digital download card as a gift!
Yes. Anywhere that the Internet is available.
We let the artists see where the music is purchased from geographically, which helps them plan concert tours. Other than that, your information stays with us and will not be given out for any reason.

Digital Download Questions

Click on the My Downloads link on your Music Dashboard and click download next to the track you purchased. You can then open it or save it to a specific location on your computer. Once the download has completed, you can import it into iTunes or Windows Media Player and enjoy it.
Also, feel free to email us with any questions you might have at
No, all MP3s are DRM free and, once purchased, can be used just like any other standard MP3.
Our MP3s will work on every operating system.
Yes. We have strict requirements and quality control around the content that we make available for sale on our ListenChannel.