Welcome to ListenChannel

We are soon to be the fastest growing community of Music Promoters and Independent Recording Artists that the world has ever seen. This is an exciting new business opportunity for people who love music and enjoy sharing it. ListenChannel™ is dedicated to...

  • Promoting Independent Recording Artists that are looking to maximize their exposure and increase their music sales
  • Rewarding members (Music Promoters and Recording Artists) when their friends join our community and purchase music


Besides being the hub for new music, ListenChannel pays its members in actual dollars. ListenChannel™ is the only music store that pays Music Promoters to share music and discover new talent.
  • When your friends join ListenChannel™ and buy music . . . you get paid.
  • If you sign up an artist or a band and they sell their music on ListenChannel™ . . . you get paid.
  • If your friends get their friends to join ListenChannel™ and buy music . . . you get paid.